Life is complicated and despite our best efforts, everyone struggles at times. I can help you find healthy ways of coping, being more effective in your relationships and feeling better overall. I'm a licensed therapist who has been working with children, adults, and families since 1999. I have years of experience working with individuals, families, and couples at various clinical settings.

Some things you need to know about me: I absolutely love what I do. My approach to therapy is proactive and straight-forward, always with a goal for you to achieve personal growth, strength, and empowerment. Your mental health and wellness are my priorities and we work together to sustain them.

I utilize various therapeutic strategies depending on your needs, as every client benefits from personally tailored therapy plans and we work at your pace. I recognize the complexity of human needs- physical, emotional, intellectual, relational, and spiritual and the unique effectiveness of different therapeutic approaches to different needs. I believe that a safe, supportive and respectful environment is important in the therapeutic process. My goal is to bring healing, transformation and growth throughout the course of therapy.

 Remember: " You're braver than you believe,  stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - Christopher Robin

I look forward to meeting with you.


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